Friday, November 5, 2010

November 2010 Olathe Stamp Club

I read recently of a technique called "Stampin' Mist Resist". Of course I had to try it, and then I had to share it with my gals. It gives you that wonderful "wow factor", and the deep rich colors (Cherry Cobbler and Not Quite Navy) are just yummy! Don't be afraid to get inky, and don't expect it to perform identically each time - this is a "process" technique, with lots of room to play along the way.

Note the card base of River Rock. It's one of those "push me pull you" colors, changing its tone depending on the color you pair it with.

And finally, I was thinking about how to use the little thin strips (less than 1/4") that I often end up with, much like quilling strips. I tried curling one, and came up with this Seuss-like addition to the standard bow. Might not mail well, but imagine someone's place setting featuring a birthday card with dimension like this! And it couldn't be more economical... -Kathy

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