Monday, February 14, 2011

Gifts of Love

I've been thinking a great deal of late about gifts of love - in fact, I'm "on safari" to find and record as many as I can. I've taken a dare to look for meaning in the moments of my life by counting to 1,000 on a list of things I love, simply by taking the time to see. These things I love are in fact gifts placed there for me by the One who loves me best, love made visible, and I have missed so many of them by walking through too many days on auto-pilot.

The way that geese never leave an injured friend alone.
The sweet-salty-crunchy-tang of Nutella on Ritz with fresh strawberry slices.
The titian color that blazes out of my youngest daughter's hair when the sun strikes it.
The way that music unifies my parts into momentary grace.
Words like
frisible that sommersault off the tongue and make me laugh.
Friends who make the time to make a little something pretty
just for me.

It turns your world around, this gratitude first approach to the moments. And it somehow anchors them in memory, keeps life from sliding through your fingers like so many grains of the sands of time. If this idea intrigues you, may I recommend to you the book

1,000 Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voscamp.

You could sample her writing style at

Happy Valentine's Day.
You are loved. Look! -Kathy

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