Monday, May 16, 2011

Olathe Stamp Club - May 2011

The hostess for this month in Olathe has been waiting since the first of the year to learn this technique! We stamped on 6x6" tiles with a permanent ink and then added color with chalk pastels. I also pioneered a new technique that I haven't seen elsewhere using the amazing Versamark ink to create subtle background images. Of course we sealed everything to protect the pastels. This is a very effective approach - those of you who have visited the studio know that there is a row of tiles created in just this way that are installed in the shower at about head height (didn't want them exposed to TOO much water and cleanser). They're holding up fine, and all without baking or other heroic measures.

The first tile had some amazing texture and color variations, which I tried to incorporate into the design. The second and third were very plain to begin (although they did have some dirt stains that wouldn't come out - I stamped right over them!), so all the color you see has been added with the pastels.

I'll be posting a few more examples of tile art soon - it's such fun that it's addictive, especially when you shop for your tiles at the Habitat ReStore. Tiles for just 25 cents! What a great hostess gift, whether as a trivet, or a presentation base for a bottle of wine or a candle. These also make nice pieces of semi-permanent artwork when displayed on an easel. -Kathy

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JSCA said...

Oh my gosh... PLEASE tell me how to make the marine themed card! I am IN LOVE!