Monday, July 18, 2011

It's a Wrap!

My youngest daughter just had a birthday, and my oldest created this gift presentation for her. I thought you deserved to see it!

The base is the carrier carton for a particular beverage (cool brand graphics remain visible on the other side). It's hand embellished with Sharpie, then four vinyl records have been adhered. These are decorated with SU! rub-ons. A couple of key tags concealing the hole in the center 45s mask a ring dangling there. Chocolate bars are adhered to the outer two discs, and jars of various items (two also featuring rub-on decor) are strategically placed. I love the way you can get just a little idea of what the gifts might be but full disclosure requires further investigation... There is also a fabric-covered bundle enhanced with a feathered hair clip and a couple of chicken feathers donated by this years' young hens (so okay, my daughter prefers non-traditional pets. Raise your hand if you're surprised?!).

The entire thing became the center piece for the dinner table, and it was such a fun and interactive way to present an assortment of little items while recycling. Maybe I'll get something like it in a couple of months?! -Kathy


JSCA said...
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JSCA said...

Cute write up.. Thanks! And I just love those rub-ons. So awesome to have around the house for impromptu gift 'wrapping'.