Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer at the Shore

Couldn't resist posting a handful of pix from our time in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in late July. The first shot is from the dock at our quirky little cabin, about eight feet from the lake shore! Isn't it breathtaking?! Of course we saw lighthouses (picture #2 is a lens for a light), and we discovered the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on the southern tip of Lake Superior. The colors you see are from minerals that leach into the groundwater and leak out the edges of the cliffs. On the way home, we paused in Hayward, Wisconsin, for the International Lumberjack Competition. These guys are in the air about 90 feet, preparing to "freefall" to mats at the bottom of the poles as fast as they can to shave seconds off their time. Hooooo-eee. Just one of a number of things I will likely never feel compelled to do. It was fascinating to watch.

Here's wishing each of you time to watch a sunset or plan an experience just outside the familiar. -Kathy

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