Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Olathe Stamp Club - September 2011

The gals in Olathe were fascinated by the idea of adding movement to stamped images, so we looked at two ways of doing this for our September project. One method involves touching down and then dragging the stamp; the other relies on a series of images stamped without re-inking. It's not quite as easy as it looks, but it sure is fun playing around with these effects!

By now there are numerous examples of the faux brad technique on the blog, but this time I added a stamped pattern before I punched them out and coated them with Crystal Effects. A tweak here and there keeps the work fresh, don't you think?!

And for those of you paper savers, note that on the second example I have used a double row of 1/4" strips of cardstock to echo the stripes so often found on team uniforms. I just happen to have soccer-crazy nephews who have birthdays every year... -Kathy

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