Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wee Gifts for Mom: The Fashionable Clothespin

I have been thinking of some small gifts I'd like to create for my Mother, gifts that would focus the attention on the sentiment behind the gift more than on the object itself. Perhaps you'd like to join me in honoring your mother, or some other woman who has mentored and cared for you in significant ways.

My friend & fellow demo Lisa inadvertently gave me the first idea in the series: a way to display a photograph that Mother will enjoy looking at every morning at breakfast! I should tell you that wasn't necessarily Lisa's intent, but her "thank you" gift to me provides the ideal object to CASE! A giant clothespin is just the right size, inexpensive, and easy to embellish simply and quickly. I can clip in messages, change out the photos, pretty up a memory verse and put it here.

My Mother has significant memory loss, so an object such as this will be examined and enjoyed a dozen times at each meal. Perhaps I'll have to fill a little file box with options to change out regularly! -Kathy

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