Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Create a Custom Class!

Quite the motley crew, wouldn't you agree?! Three sisters, a daughter-in-law, and me. I've known the "Milligan girls" since we were in Sunday School together, so when Karen mentioned that her sisters were coming to town to celebrate Laura's birthday and they thought it might be fun to spend an afternoon playing with me in the studio, I was pretty excited! We had lots of laughs, made a bunch of cards, and generally had a great time doing something we all enjoyed. Karen's schedule is pretty hectic these days as she finishes up a degree in Conflict Mediation while working full time, so having me prep materials and teach freed her to simply enjoy the time with her loved ones.

If the idea of planning a similar activity with your extended family appeals to you, let's talk. I've got some time over Thanksgiving break that I've saved just for this purpose (who wants to stand in line on Black Friday, anyway?!).


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