Thursday, August 22, 2013

MDS Autumn Birthday

 (interior of card below)

Hello friends!

I'm experimenting today with My Digital Studio, and having such fun. I have always loved getting my work back from the printer, and now I can do that as often as I please! In this example I selected one of the Designer Series papers that came with MDS and imported it into a photo box so that I could resize it as needed (you'll see that I used the same paper in the series of 3 mini boxes. The splatter effect and sentiment are also from the selection of items that comes with the program. I did purchase the poppies, and easily changed the color to match my autumn palette.

For the card interior, I used another sentiment provided and added my comment in a text box. I love the flexibility of being able to modify to suit my mood or the personality of the recipient. And once I design a card (or any other project), I can reprint any number from 1-100. The paper quality is outstanding, and all cards come with envelopes.

Finally, I saved the whole thing as a jpeg so that I could share it with you just like I do the photographs of other projects! You'll be seeing more MDS projects soon, I can guarantee it!


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