Monday, August 26, 2013

Plot Twist!

I am so rarely on Facebook that it's odd to have two projects in a row originate there, but life is curious like that sometimes. 

This project began with the quote, which is great by itself - but then I thought of my niece, who recently changed from an accounting major to an English major and is thinking of writing a novel (oh, and did I mention that her life is often full of drama?!), and it all just came together! And since the previous project featured one of my nephews, it suddenly came to me that it would be such fun to make personalized wall art for each one of them! I am so excited! I have plenty of time to be on the lookout for good photos (pulled this one right off FB) and quotes, and even time to use coupons for all the frames. Eureka! I can't wait to pull this series together. And MDS is the perfect way to create them, since placing words and pictures is a cinch.

Hope my idea sparks an idea for some of you.


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