Tuesday, March 2, 2010

365 Project - Scrapbooking Project

Join the Challenge

(with me)

This project can give you insight to the world you live in. You can look back and see your life's progression and where you might be going. Take a moment and see your children grow instantly before your eyes. Allow loved ones to share the joy you get everyday as you watch your children move to each stage of their lives.

My Goal in doing this project is to take your favorite photos from the month and put them on a Scrapbook page layout (12x12) followed by including them in your family album.

What you need:

1 Digital Camera

1 Blog Site to post them on (or photo storage site to share them.)

Simply just put your heart into it!

* My daughter found this in her cereal this morning.

** We made jokes about it and had a lot of fun just the 2 of us.

It could of been a lost memory by the end of the day.

Now it is saved....see how easy it is.

Here are a few sites to provide insight and inspiration!

365 Project
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