Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg Bunny

Sunday I was reminded that Easter is just a week away! As with Christmas, we've tried to balance an understanding of its spiritual significance with some silly seasonal fun. My girls are old enough now that many of those traditions have been packed away until the next generation comes along, but when I saw these silly egg bunnies I knew they had to make an appearance on the breakfast table.

If you'd like to make them too, here's what you'll need for each bunny:

1 hard-boiled egg (trust me, this step is important!)
4 white large ovals
3 pink small ovals
1 white small oval
1 white strip about 3/8 x 5.5"
1 white strip about 5/8 x 5.5"
6 pink 1/4" circles
3 pink small hearts
2 black 1/2" circles
2 white 3/4" circles
6 whiskers

Foot band: Shape 5/8" wide strip into a circle that supports base of egg and staple (ends overlap about 1/2"). Glue toes and heels onto foot ovals as shown. Adhere feet to front of band with glue dots.

Head band: Shape 3/8" wide strip into a circle that rests just above the widest part of the egg and staple. Glue together ear ovals as shown, curving slightly at top. Set aside. Cut a small white oval in half and glue black eye circles on near top. Position white cheek circles so they overlap eyes and glue. Add heart nose. Using half of a pink and half of a white oval, make mouth and glue behind cheeks as shown. Use white gel pen to highlight eyes. Use black marker to dot cheeks. I used stems from the SU! Pretties Kit for whiskers because I liked the blobs at the ends, but you could use wrapped florists wire. I just used Tombow (it dries clear) and let it dry a bit to attach them to the cheeks. Use glue dots to attach the face over the staples. Use more glue dots to add the ears to the back.

Enjoy! Kathy

Note: This project is based on an idea from fellow demo Sandy Stoyanowski.

All supplies Stampin' Up!

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Jessica said...

Oh my gosh. Too cute.