Monday, March 12, 2012

Stamp Club Lawrence - March 2012

My stamp club hostess for March wanted to play with polyshrink (a.k.a. "Shrinkydink"). This is a really great material to use with stamps, and the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination! For our meeting, I chose to teach the group how to make patterned buttons, a technique my daughter tried out when we had a play date in the studio over Christmas vacation. Shrink plastic looks like overhead transparency sheets, but when you apply heat (using your embossing gun or the oven) it writhes and wiggles and eventually thickens and ends up at about 40% its original size. In this example, we stamped with craft ink on both sides (one blue, one green) to give added depth. Remember to punch any necessary holes before you apply heat!

The card also features the
build-a-bird punch, Bordering on Romance stamp set from the Occasions mini catalog, and a wonderful technique using blender pens and craft ink.

Isn't it amazing that we can use the same set of materials (stamps, ink, paper & accessories) and come up with so many different looks?! I love this job...

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