Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Secret Club - But You Can Join

Insider trading.
Giggles at the lunch table.
Preferential treatment.
Luxury business trips and tax deductions.

Yup, I bet you guessed: The life of the Stampin' Up! demonstrator!

I was thinking about what fun I have as I gloated over the projects I acquired at our last day-long "conference" (samples above). Always something new to learn, someone to praise your work, someone to cheer you on to your goals. I tell people that I became a demonstrator because it was a way to put something I love - paper crafts - on my calendar. I'm the kind of person who would feel I had to wipe out the refrigerator or sweep the front steps rather than allow myself to get out paper and stamps. Don't get me wrong, a clean fridge is great! But I just never got around to what I really loved, and that wasn't good.

If you're realizing that you need some structure to do what you love and it happens to be paper crafting, talk to me about becoming part of this great group of gals. Your reasons and goals will change over time - the beauty of it is that being a demonstrator adapts to fit YOU.

Through the end of March there's an extra special opportunity: the starter kit is 15% off AND you get a bonus bundle filled with over $50 in free products. If you're curious at all, give me a call. 785.841.9211


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