Friday, March 18, 2011

Lawrence Stamp Club - March 2011

We made these little chests using the "Faux Metal" technique I taught at stamp club this month. Aren't they darling?! My original idea was that they would be a sort of "story chest". I read this in a book - a grandmother put a selection of small items in a chest and whenever her grandkids visited her, they would be allowed to select one item from the collection and she would use it as the springboard for a story, either imaginary or about her life/childhood. We did a little brainstorming, and they'd also be perfect for office miscellania (paper clips, tacks, push pins, erasers, stamps), presentation of Hershey nuggets, jewelry, buttons, baby hair thingies, spices, garden seeds... you take it from here.

Oh, notice how all the drawer pulls on the 2nd sample are different (way to go, Jsca!)? I'll be showing you an organizational tip in a day or two that makes it easy to retrieve such a variety of objects.

The drawers are made from the matchbox die, and for chipboard I've attached my "faux metal" card stock to cereal box cardboard using that amazing Tombow multi-purpose adhesive. -Kathy

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JSCA said...

This was so much fun to make. I love all the possibilities