Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ordinary Day Bouquet

My daughter Ginny has a gift for seeing beauty. She was quite young when she began to bring me fistfuls of dandylions or clover, and it is usually she who discovers the first crocus in spring. We often marvel together at the clouds and the sunsets in this region where the horizon extends forever. And now that she is older and learning her way around the digital SLR that has come to live with us, she often stops to record moments of glory, both large and small.

She picked this grouping of blossoms (lavender, bachelor's button, cone flower) in our yard earlier this week and tucked it into a tiny vase. Each time I pass it, I smile. Such a small thing, but so full of the vivid color of summer, the amazing detail in all created things, and memories both old and new.

I have learned so much from my girls. Taking just a moment to stop and capture the beauty that is all around us in an "ordinary day" is one of these things. -Kathy

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