Monday, October 4, 2010

Haunting the Studio

The seasons are changing, and that's a great excuse for collecting favorite things together and creating a seasonal grouping! The fun thing about it is, you don't have to go out and buy it all - just look around your house for things in the colors you want to emphasize, or things that fit the theme. In these photos, you'll see a paint can and discarded t-shirt recycled into a mummy treat container; boots and socks suggesting traditional characters of the upcoming holiday (I just realized, I should have added my little hearth broom!); some vintage file boxes from the days when my dad had a store downtown; shutters found on the curb, to which hinges were added so that I'd have a room divider/background screen; and of course, cards and treat container ideas for my stamping friends. So many of these things can be reconfigured for Thanksgiving (plate, candle, stones, file boxes, wire pumpkin, shutters) - I love it when I can feel ahead of the game for even a moment! And when you rearrange your things, create a little vignette like this as a focal point, it makes the familiar feel fresh and new and gives a shot of energy to you and your home. Go and play! -Kathy

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