Monday, October 25, 2010

October 2010 Olathe Stamp Club

I wanted to show you the projects we did at our October meeting for the Olathe stamp club. It's always a challenge making one set of materials stretch to twelve stampers, so we're using the "divide and conquer" method: six people at each of two tables, with similar projects, although not exactly alike. I actually like this approach for several reasons; it not only cuts down on wait time, it also shows folks how small tweaks can personalize a design and it shows off more of our beautiful stamps and inks! We have lots of new stampers in this group, so I taught basic "collage stamping", a simple method of layering images to make your own "designer paper". We also added images to our sentiment blocks, to give them an extra layer of interest (but not too many, so they won't compete with the sentiment). Featured here are Autumn Splendor and French Foliage stamp sets. Technique Tip: When collage stamping, begin with your lightest color ink, then medium colors, and finally the strongest/darkest color last. Your eye can better determine how many times you need to stamp each one if you approach it this way. If you start with the darkest color, your lightest often won't show up by the time you get to it because all the area is covered with darker colors! Also, when collage stamping, rotate your stamp a quarter turn each time you touch down, to keep your pattern looking random and interesting. Be sure to stamp off the edge of the paper for a more natural look overall.

Grab a stamp set of your own and make some collage paper. It's a great way to relax! -Kathy

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